Personal training for individuals and groups that take place in person or online.

Kim is a lover of sports, fitness and all things outdoors. Having been involved in sports since a young age, she decided to focus her career around coaching and embarked on ski instructor training after leaving school. 10 years on and she is still a full time ski instructor in the Swiss Alps during the winter and a personal trainer in Scotland during the summer. She has a keen interest in using exercise and movement for injury prevention, mobility training and the biomechanics of the body.

Kim’s approach to fitness and exercise is to make movement interesting and engaging, focussing on long term lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes, by blending a variety of training components together. She is an advocate for finding balance between enjoyment and physical development and uses this philosophy with her clients. Rather than basing herself in a gym, Kim prefers to hold her fitness classes and personal training sessions outdoors in nature and has a wide range of equipment that can be used for all of her client’s goals and requirements.

1-to-1 Personal Training

1-2-1 personal training and coaching is the perfect investment for your health. A thorough and indivdualised training plan will be developed by Kim focused around your personal goals and requirements, whether that be increased strength, weight loss, performance training, improved mobility and flexibility, or even just motivation for getting outside!

Kim offers mobile personal training for all abilities and fitness levels in and around East Lothian and Edinburgh. Either in the comfort of your own garden or in a public outdoor space. All equipment will be provided. For the best results and to see real changes, embark on at least a 12 week programme.

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What’s included?

  • Free 30 minute consultation
  • 1-2-1 sessions either in your garden or an outdoor public space
  • Video analysis (if applicable)
  • 1 complimentary 30 minutes sports massage treatment
  • Stretching/foam rolling guidance
  • Reviews every 4 weeks


1 session: £30
10 sessions: £250
20 sessions: £450

Online Personal Training

If you’re not able to attend face to face personal training sessions but are still looking for professional advice, encouragement and motivation, why not try an online training programme instead? Online personal training fits in around you and can be tailored to either no equipment at all, any equipment you may already own, or to use alongside a gym membership.

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What’s included?

  • Free 30 minute video consultation
  • A personalised, fully tailored training programme designed around your goals
  • Video analysis (if applicable)
  • Video demonstrations
  • Stretching and foam rolling guidance
  • Video or telephone reviews every 4 weeks


£45 a month

Group Classes

Please find below a list of all the outdoor fitness classes available. Book your first session by clicking below.

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What My Customers Say

“Kim’s workouts are fun and varied. She demonstrates each exercise really clearly and explains which areas are being worked on. Where necessary, she offers alternative versions of specific exercises to ensure that workouts are tailored to individual levels and are safe to perform if anyone has any pre-existing injuries. Very challenging and satisfying!”


“Kim is a brilliant teacher. She encourages you to work hard with lots of positivity, leaving you with a great feeling at the end of your class. I was a bit nervous about doing a full body workout as I’d never done one before, but Kim offered great alternatives, which meant I could work as hard as I needed, making the classes really accessible. I’m a fitness convert.”


“Kim has been a wonderful online personal trainer. She is clear and precise about her instructions for exercises and sends workouts that are hard, but without them being overwhelming or intimidating. She has a very good understanding of what an individual needs and works towards your goals with you in mind. She has been very helpful for my fitness. Especially in these trying times, she has still strived to send me workouts and keep me updated with new plans and tutorials.”


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